Web Copywriting

I’m sure you’ve heard:
•    Writing for the Web is different.
•    People don’t read; they scan.
•    Context is crucial.
•    Keywords rule.
For this, I specialize. Not only do I create my usual crisp, relevant copy, but I also attend to H1s, page titles, alt tags and active voice. I keep up with current acronyms: User experience (UX), search engine optimization (SEO) and content management systems (CMSs). Most of all, I understand online visitors’ uniqueness, anticipating their needs and answering questions on-the-spot.

Content Strategy & Management

Ah, content. It’s the #1 reason people go online. A Web manager’s #1 headache. And the #1 reason website projects fail. With stats like that, there’s nothing to do but manage it—and manage it wisely. My content strategies include thoughtful analyses, prioritized recommendations and detailed plans for creating, publishing and maintaining every bit of your website’s content. That will make you #1.

Content Audit & Inventory

Elementary—albeit unexciting—a careful content audit or inventory is a must for any thorough Web content project.  I perform three types: quantitative (key facts), qualitative (quality ratings), and specialized (metadata logs). They school us in what you have, what to write off and how to classify what remains. (Warning: Don’t attempt a content strategy without one.)

Information Architecture

You should see my closet: An embarrassment of order, it houses like-with-like for easy pre-dawn retrieval. It’s proof that I can’t help but group things—from my unmentionables to your website content—into user-friendly categories. Site maps and wireframes for both single-site and multi-site designs will benefit from my previously unprofessed aptitude. But let’s keep it our secret, OK?

Web Copy Optimization

Wielding an active voice and an eye for trigger words, messaging hierarchies, bullet points, headlines and subheads, I optimize your words for the digital medium. And boy can I cut copy. Remembering users’ grab-and-go habit, my battle cry is: Just the gist. And quick.

Web Copy Training & Consultation

Let’s say you have a website to write. An entire…website…to write. Feel the panic? Never fear. I’ll show you how.  In my copy training sessions, I share:
•    Templates (content inventory, matrix and document)
•    Guides (editorial style, Web writing and meta data)
•    Examples (active voice, inverted pyramid and more)
When I finish, your panic will give way to possibility.


I’m like a chameleon—in a good way—changing voices and adapting techniques to accommodate every audience and medium. From B2B to B2C, whether you want a riveting tagline, captivating copy or an integrated campaign, I have you colored. Er, covered.

Copy Editing

I’m thorough, detail-oriented, sharp-eyed (and -witted). Or, you might say, a***ly retentive; my colleagues do. You wouldn’t have your editors any other way. Let me nitpick your copy, looking for spelling, grammar, accuracy and consistency issues—before you publish.